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Vinyl Protector & Preservative
As with any home product there is a small amount of maintenance needed to ensure the smooth operation of the product and to extend the life of that product. Please download the vinyl cleaning and care sheet below, you need to keep the tracks clean by brushing, vacuuming and occasionally lubricating them with a silicone based spray. Also keep the slide latches on the vents in the latched position.

For best results cleaning your vinyl glazed windows Screenbuilders recommends using PGT Vinyl Protector & Preservative. An environment and user safe aerosol which cleans, preserves and protects vinyl windows. It provides a long lasting invisible shield which repels dirt, dust and soil. Reduces finger smudges and hides scratches. When used periodically, it helps prevent drying, fading, cracking and other sunlight and weather related damage.
Price: $8.50
Brand: PGT
Net Wt.: 14 OZ
More Info: Download File

Thumb Latch - White
A plastic piece used to operate the slide bolt assumbly.
Price: $0.29
Brand: PGT

Thumb Latch - Beige
Price: $0.29
Brand: PGT

Thumb Latch - Bronze
A plastic piece used to operate the slide bolt assembly.
Price: $0.29
Brand: PGT

Spring Cap Assembly
A plastic piece attached to the four corners of the vent to create a seal between the vent and the main frame.
Price: $0.29
Brand: PGT

Slide Bolt Assembly
A plastic piece and spring attached at the top of vent that allows the vent to lock into the main frame.
Price: $0.49
Brand: PGT

Eze-Breeze Vertical 4 Track Lubricating Cleaner for metal windows, locks, doors or  anything that sticks or squeaks.
Leaves no gummy residue
Aerosol can
Price: $12.00
Brand: Alum A Lub
Net Wt.: 9.4oz